Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Thanks faa, that I have finished my statistic’s assignment dengan bantuan beliau, thank you very much. Nak moving on to BEL’s assignment pulak, tapi keletihan, so I decide to write a lil.

Things have changed so much lately. Since I left the campus for a semester, things have changed and it seems to be permanent changes. Friends aren’t like before. Nothing really bad about it, change is good, aint it? I don't wanna complain much, I know everyone is growing up and tend to accept new things in life, new love for instance, new persons. Not that I’m not happy for them, I’m happy. But I felt lost a bit, not that I’m losing them, it’s just that I misses all the sweet sweet things we use to have. But c’mon, what’s life if everything’s remain the same kan? Changes make lives beautiful and colorful.

So yeah, I learn to accept the changes too, it’s not that bad after all. Just a bit of loneliness, but yeah, I can cope. In fact, I making changes myself (: really! Tak caya?

1. I am no more ponteng class, err, not to say no more tapi not as mush as before lah, which is a good improvement kan?

2. I finishes all assignment on time, this is a great changes :p

3. I pay attention at class, I participate and communicate in class. Even it’s a bit hard untuk class BEL, as “mamajo” cakap tak berapa nak jelas -.- but still, saya menumpukan perhatian.

4. I make friends in class. I’m no longer the most silent kid at class yang macam bermasalah tu -.- I communicate to everyone in class, I say hi to them and give them smiles, and oh, scarily, I took their number too, haha, yelah in case of anything kan.

I felt really down of knowing I’m gonna extend one semester (of kena gantung tu), that all of my friends dah semester 4, and I hanging in semester 3 ): somehow, I know that this is a lesson god what me to learn and all it takes is a strength to moving on. I have heard of some friends quitted and dismissed (god, please don’t let that happen to me), and it brings me more guts to stay and face them all with patient and new keazaman, eceh!

Banyak sungguh cabaran, specially morning classes, I really really force myself to woke up early and I force myself to smile to class. It is always the hardest part to start a change kan? But InsyaAllah, it gets easier afterwards, InsyaAllah.. All I have to do is continue walking and don’t look back.

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